Predictions for Republicans in 2021

The Republicans are still worried about former president Trump and his slack-jawed supporters so they are not saying a lot about what they plan to do in the upcoming Biden-Harris Administration. I will go out on a limb with a few predictions of what we will see out of the Republicans in the following days and years.

  1. Deficits Matter Remember when Trump said he would eliminate the deficit in 8 years? Haha. Instead he managed to add $3.9 trillion to the budget deficits. Of course the irony of it all is that he did it with the help of the very same Tea Party deficit hawks like Mick Mulvaney and Mark Meadows. My prediction is that we will start to hear the Republicans talk a lot about the deficit. The renewed need to control and cut the deficit. They will dust off the Tea Bags that have been in their closets for the last four years and honestly try to talk about the Trump deficit. A word of advice for Biden and the Democrats, laugh. Laugh loud and laugh hard at their concern.
  2. COVID19 Deaths Republicans have been consistent in not really giving a fuck about the sick and dying during the Trump years. They literally talk about the survival rates and age of deaths as if to validate their ignorance and lack of empathy. I predict that this will change in the next administration. Nearly 4000 Americans died in one day and Republicans are completely silent. That will change in a few days. Suddenly they will pretend to care about the numbers they have ignored for 9 months.
  3. Vacations The Trump crime syndicate has grifted it up for the last four years. Visiting all of their properties and renting the rooms at the highest possible rates for all of the SS and staff and family and friends and mistresses and coffee boys. That free for all will change. I predict there will be constant concern from Republicans about where and when and how the Bidens are vacationing. Word of advice to Republicans, just don’t. Biden could vacation and watch television every day for the first two years and it would be as if former president Trump never left.
  4. Family Making Money Obviously the Republicans did not even wait for me to predict this one. They had to try the ol’ but but but Hunter Biden before the election. I have a feeling they will continue this line of bullshit forever. They did not care about Ivanka getting Trademarks in China or the Foreign Emoluments Clause when foreign countries spent millions on Trump properties, but I have a feeling they will be concerned with every penny that a Biden makes.
  5. Expertise After four years of seemingly the worst possible candidate getting a position (looking at you first Betsy Devos) I predict that Republicans will suddenly be concerned with some basic knowledge or even expertise and qualification for the job. Which will be funny when they try to block a Cabinet level position because we can just pull a Trump and use “acting” officials.
  6. Executive Orders Are For Kings Remember the good ol’ days when Republicans said “King Obama” after Republicans forced him to use Executive Orders? Don’t worry if you have forgotten over the last four years when the Republicans have been silent about all of King Trump’s Executive Orders because I predict that any Biden Executive Orders will be met with Republican opposition. The talk of kings will return.
  7. Jobs Numbers Are Not Real Again I predict that the perfect and beautiful jobs numbers will no longer be perfect nor real. I have a feeling the people who have celebrated the accuracy of such data for the last four years will suddenly find it fake again. I know we can count on Trump to lead the way on this one.

Happy New Year!

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus

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