Introducing Straw Man Republican Obama

I continue to hope that President Obama will someday become the liberal that the Republicans portray. I mean, at most, he is a moderate Democrat, who has embraced a lot of historically Republican positions. Instead of getting Republican support, he became the straw man Republican Obama…you know, the radical Muslim, weird Christian, Socialist, always on vacation, deficit increaser. Republican Obama has nothing in common with President Obama, kind of like Republican Jesus and me.

Republican Obama Raised Taxes…The Center for American Progress actually says that President Obama has cut taxes more in his first term than former President George W. Bush. So far he has extended the Bush tax cuts and fought republicans for a payroll tax cut.

Republican Obama Rolled Back 2nd Amendment Rights…According to Factcheck.org, “We’ve seen little or no evidence that the Obama administration is doing much to regulate guns or gun ownership.” And similar to tax cuts, President Obama has actually expanded the rights of gun owners by allowing loaded and concealed weapons in national parks.

Republican Obama Socialized Medicine…The Republican way. Instead of pushing a single-payer system President Obama decided to go with the Heritage Foundation and republican idea of an individual insurance mandate. Ironically the Republican mandate is the part of “Obamacare” under scrutiny by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Republican Obama Slashed the Defense Department…Politifact says that President Obama and Republicans share responsibility because, “A reduction in the military budget was all but destined once the Budget Control Act passed and the super committee failed to prevent across-the-board cuts.”

Republican Obama Is Soft On The War On Terror…Like I have said before, if George W. Bush captured or killed Osama bin Laden, we would still be having mandatory, daily celebrations, and pledges of allegiance, to the great president. Not to mention Anwar al-Awlaki, Qaddafi, ending the Iraq War, etc…

Republican Obama Is Waging A War On Religion…This always means that someone is trying to use religion to exclude a person or group from something. The current fake war on religion is ultimately over something that most Catholic institutions already covered. 28 states already require contraceptive coverage and so do major Catholic universities like Georgetown and DePaul. New Hampshire had the law for like 12 years, but did not realize they were against it until Republican Obama was in the House.

Republican Obama Has Increased The (Suddenly Important) Debt More Than All Other Presidents…The New York Times points out that new policies under Bush were $5.07 Trillion and under Obama they were $1.44 Trillion. The debt ceiling needed raised because of republican policies from 2000-2008, not because of the first two years of the Obama administration.

Republican Obama Has Been On The Most Vacations As President… Not even close.

Republican Obama Is A Muslim…President Obama has professed Jesus as his personal Savior-which is all that is needed for everyone except Republican Obama.

Republican Obama Is A Weird Christian…You know, if you can get past the fact that he is a Muslim, then he is just a weird Christian. He is not a real Christian…he is not even a real American for Pete’s sake.

Republican Obama Is Not A Friend Of Israel…On NBC’s Meet The Press, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that President Obama was just as much a friend to Israel as George W. Bush. Republicans are like, “Yeah right, Netanyahu. Did you know that Republican Obama is a Muslim/weird Christian?”

Republican Obama Is The Welfare King…USA Today checked the facts (or lack thereof) in this Newt Gingrich claim and they said he was wrong. According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition service, George W. Bush is actually the Welfare King.

Since Republican Obama has not done anything atrocious in his first term, the crazies on the right have now turned their fear on a possible second term. Second Term Republican Obama is even more Muslimy and elitisty. He is gonna take your guns, gonna take your ammo, gonna join the Euro, gonna use executive power to grab a third and then fourth term, gonna turn the US into a constitutional monarchy, gonna take your wife and children, gonna, gonna, gonna…

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus

2 thoughts on “Introducing Straw Man Republican Obama

  1. When the opposition has to lie to make their opponent seem evil, or un-American, they do it because their arguments for their counter points are weak. I’m all about a good debate. Just can’t stand the vitriol.


  2. There is one problem. When he embraces a Repub position it suddenly becomes evil socialism and they disavow it and pretend that they’ve always hated it. Since their base are illiterates or old people with poor memories, they get away with it.

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