Extreme MediocriTEA

The other troubling aspect of the TEA Party is the extreme mediocrity of their candidates.  Again-if a liberal, democrat, or dad-forbid a black guy made any of the gaffes of say Christine O’donnell- they would have been mocked, ridiculed, and forced out of the race weeks ago.  But since she is a conservative, white, Tea Partier (you know real American) her troubles only seem to make her more authentic…not totally unfit for public office.Mediocri-TEA

Or how about Joe Miller-you know the hypocrite taking advantage of all of the governmental programs that he calls “unconstitutional”.  Could you imagine the utter outrage if a democratic senatorial candidate had his private police force arrest a journalist for asking a question?  Tea Party necks would have been exasperated by the thuggery of such socialists (or communists or fascists-they are interchangeable you know?)!  Freedom of the press-the Bill Of Rights-I think that might be in the constitution-quick, somebody check with Christine O’donnell…

Just imagine how hard Fox “news” would have been pushing the story of Carl Paladino’s bestiality porn emails, if he were the liberal democratic candidate from New York.   What about his famous “I’ll take you out” remark to a reporter-where were the Oath Keepers?  Why didn’t they stage a rally outside Paladino’s office to keep him from infringing on the freedom of the press-guaranteed by the first amendment to the United States Constitution?

And last but certainly not least we have Rich Iott from Ohio.  He is the Tea Party chode who likes to dress up like a Nazi.  So how does that work exactly-the Tea Party hates all things Nazi-but they have a candidate who likes to dress up and pretend he is a Nazi?  I’m used to the Tea Party hypocrisy and bullshizzle by now- but Really Tea necks…REALLY?

The fact that I’m even aware of these crackpots is testament to the double standard at play within the Tea Party and conservative politics.  Not only have they not been forced out of their respective races but some might actually win.  The same people, who mock a constitutional law professor for not knowing the Constitution, support Christine O’donnell and her total ignorance of the Constitution.

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus

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