Occupy Ezekizzle

This is out of control!! HTF are the police picking who they want to grab??? IMO, if the National Guard are brought in–this shit is truly out of control and blood will spill. The police cannot contain this if this movement continues to grow. I’m having difficulty getting the big picture from online media and I don’t trust shit on TV.

YouTube is okay, but it’s only snapshots of what someone is filming at the moment. For example: What did the protestors do–if anything–to warrant getting snatched and cuffed? I watched a piece yesterday at the Citibank branch when they arrested 22 people for pulling out their money?? Seems hard to believe and without the context I’m cautious to pass judgement even though my gut tells me this is what modern fascism looks like. Scary stuff.

I want so bad to go a protest and wish I could. Too much risk at the moment and maybe in the future. That’s my reality. Wish it was different because I think this could be a defining moment in history. You know it’s real based on how the media is portraying the protestors and comparing this movement and making a mockery out peaceful demonstrations.


Ezekizzle 25:17


There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt. ~ John Adams

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