Genesis 1:1 In The Beginning God Created The Heavens And The Earth

In the beginning the FED created fiat currency and fractional reserve banking.  The FED is god-like in that if you are a true believer in the system, the FED plays god by controlling how much money is in supply, its value, and the amount of credit available to banks.

I’m writing this because from what I have learned over the past several years– the common denominator of all of our economic problems is our banking system and especially the Federal Reserve and the act that made the FED possible, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the 16th Amendment (federal income tax).

So what’s the deal with the FED you might ask?  Before answering that question, it’s important to note that credit is essentially debt.  Debt is necessary for the creation of money to exist in our current system of money creation.  USG (US Government) debt can only be serviced–never paid off, because paying off the debt would cause all the money to be removed from the market.  Yea I know, WTF is he talking about.  Well I was turned on to this by a very close friend when he introduced me to a video done in the 1990s called Money Masters.


The video is old and sometimes dry but if you get past the style–the knowledge is one of the most important subjects you will ever learn.  You will not learn any of this in college or grad school.  Conspiracy or coincidence–you be the judge, but it’s absolutely necessary for anyone to understand if they are to see the matrix for what it is.  I use the term matrix because it really is like the movie in that once you take the Red Pill you will never look at the money/political landscape the same way.

So back to the creation of money.  G. Edward Griffin wrote a book called The Creature from Jekyll Island.  Griffin goes to great lengths to provide a detailed history of the FED.  Does he have an agenda–sure, but don’t lose the forest through the trees.  He does a great job of explaining how the FED colludes with the USG.  He explains that the FED is a quasi-government entity i.e. they have been given the authority to regulate our money supply but they are a private banking cartel.  That’s right–PRIVATE bank.  Not federal by any shape, form or fashion.  He describes the creation of money under the FED as the Mandrake Mechanism.




or from Griffin himself:

Take a look for yourself.  Again, IMO any dialogue about the current mess we are in should start with a sound understanding of how we got into this mess and what we are really up against.  I believe that if the American people really understood what is going on that they would not put up with it.

The 16th Amendment.  This amendment guarantees the FED will receive interest payments on the money your government borrows from a private banking cartel you know as the FED. That’s right, your federal income taxes are collected only to pay a private bank the interest it makes from loans to your government.  Alan Russo made a documentary a few years back called From Freedom to Fasicm.  I say again, your federal income taxes are collected only to pay the interest on money your government borrowed from a private bank.


Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution states Congress has the authority: To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, fix the standard of weights and measure.

Now I’m no constitutional expert, and many debate this particular section but it was written with the central bank of England in mind i.e. Congress will issue money–NOT THE FREAKING BANKS.  For the Founding Fathers were all too familiar with what happens when a central, private bank controls the money supply.  One of my favorite quotes by Mayer Amschel Rothschild is: “Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care NOT (emphasis mine) who makes the laws.”  Some people believe the 16th Amendment was not legally ratified.  It takes two-thirds of both houses and 3/4 of the states to ratify the Constitution.


OBTW, pay your taxes or you are going to prison.  Just ask Wesley Snipes.  I find it fascinating that there is little mention of what prompted the 16th Amendment.  Why not vote on it again and see if the American people would vote to tax themselves.  I’m guessing we would not.  If the 16th Amendment were repealed, it would spell the end of the FED as we know it.  Of course that will never happen because we live in a largely ignorant and distracted society.  You want a stimulus package–quit paying federal income taxes.  I would love the pay raise personally.  I’m just saying . . .

So I digress a bit but my point is this: We can talk politics until we are blue in the face; however, both political parties must navigate a broken, corrupt and extremely powerful system to get in power and stay there.  I’m speaking of the system that is controlled by a group of men or families that control our money globally.  Now to some of you that sounds like some crazy conspiracy shit I know.  I felt the same way.  But the FED takes its marching orders from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) home based in Basel, Switzerland.  See:


Also see:


GOP or DEM–doesn’t really matter if both parties have to navigate a broken and corrupt system that relies on debt as the creation of money.  Think about it.  We have a political system that has become a business. Candidates must buy their way in.  Even the rich need capital and they receive that capital in the form of PACs or Political Action Committees.  Last year the highest appellate court in the land ruled that corporations can spend as much as they want to, in essence, buy votes.


So if you think for one minute that your vote counts as much as some Billion dollar corporation–you are a fool. We cannot even begin to compete with that kind of power.  The solution IMO would be to remove the corporate influence and bar any financial payments to candidates. Corporations will lobby for laws in their respective corporation’s best interest and as we have seen over the past 30 years at least, corporate interests are often contrary to the good of the people.  So congress and the POTUS are influenced by the corporations that put them in office and ultimately they must answer to them.

Corporations must have sustained economic growth to remain competitive and promote the value of their stock.  That means privatize gains and externalize risk.  Outsource labor, clear cut, pollute the environment, allow unsafe products to enter the market, inject food with growth hormones, drill for oil under the riskiest of circumstances, make risky business deals knowing full well the American taxpayers will pay their bill (“too big to fail”, auto maker buyouts, subsidizing AMTRAK, BP oil spill, AIG, Countrywide, TARP, etc…).  We are essentially ruled by a “corporatocracy”.


Grossly intertwined in the corporatocracy are the banks and more importantly the FED.  If you doubt the FED does not answer to Congress, then how do you explain the FED refusal to be audited?  Just a thought, but Ron Paul pushed for it and it went nowhere.  I agree with some of Paul’s ideas but I flatly reject Libertarian ideology as the end all be all.  Government should regulate industries that can’t/won’t regulate themselves or else we take it in the shorts.  Also government should pick up the slack where corporation and small businesses can’t or won’t because it’s not profitable.  Caring for the poor, old and disabled–and more importantly . . . healthcare.  Yea, yea that’s a whole different and intense debate but I believe all legal citizens of the US should have access to affordable healthcare.  Additionally, I don’t think churches should pick up the tab and take care of the poor either because it’s a slippery slope to the church and state eloping.

Having said that, I also believe corporations should and need to exist.  Just that they should exist for the betterment of society as a whole.  They should not be afforded the same rights as individuals.  Period.  They should provide goods and services and employ Americans to make those goods and services.  Their boards should get paid less when the corporation performs poorly.  Managers should get paid more than workers.  Incentives do matter but workers should have a say or voice in management and should be able to make an honest living that supports their families within reason.  Otherwise power corrupts, greed prevails and all hell breaks loose and we end up with the people fearing corporations, a government that is ruled by them, and a military that protects their interests.  Their interests are marketed to us as our interests and those interests become our reality, our concept of beauty, happiness, morality, style, self-worth, etc.  Available for a price and oh by the way–we’ll loan you the money to participate in the American Dream (credit).  What a deal.

In closing, I hope I have sparked some interest in learning more about the FED and why it is necessary to overhaul our money system and political process if we have any hope of maintaining the lifestyles we all have become accustomed to in our current unsustainable way of American life. Change is coming.  The key is to survive the transition to whatever is next.  Unfortunately I think we are at the precipice of a crash of sorts.  The same crash that all great empires have undergone.  Off the subject but worth reading is The Five Stages of Collapse by Dmitry Orlov.



Ezekizzle 25:17


There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation.  One is by the sword.  The other is by debt. ~ John Adams

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