Republican Hypocrisy During The Trump Administration

I cannot help but notice all of the Republican hypocrisy during the first three weeks of the Trump administration. It is hilarious to watch Republicans act like they were a model opposition party for the last eight years instead of the ultra-obstructionist party we all remember. It is equally hilarious to watch Republicans abandon so many of the beliefs that they have been preaching for the last eight years. I have a feeling this is going to be a running list so here is the beginning..

1. Deficits no longer matter. Please forget what they have cried about for the last eight years..please refer to prior Republican administrations when they ran up huge deficits.

2. Executive orders are okay again…please disregard the “governing like a king” rhetoric when now referring to executive orders. Donald Trump signed 20 Executive Orders in his first 10 days in office. Republican response: crickets.

3. Super expensive designer clothes are now acceptable…I mean, what else would billionaires and their Stepford women wear?

4. Conflicts of interest no longer exist…because you know, billionaires and generals always do the right thing.

5. Friendship with hostile foreign leaders is now a positive not a negative…you cannot turn your back on those who help elect you.

6. Golf is now again okay for the president to play. He is golfing this weekend on his second vacation in his first three weeks in office.

7. The cost of the president to go on vacation, or to New York, or to Florida is no longer an issue. Apparently it is also not an issue to pay for his trust fund son to go on a business trip. Don’t they have their own mercenary goons?

8. The president deserves a chance to succeed…hahaha-because Republicans have no appreciation for irony or hypocrisy. Seriously, tears.

9. Hating the president is no longer patriotic…back to the good ol’ days where you better respect the president or get out of the country.

10. Supreme Court nominees should be treated fairly and given a straight up or down vote…no politics.

11. Goldman Sachs hedge fund bankers are not only back in good graces, but they have in fact been appointed to run our economy. Hey poor and middle class Republicans are you feeling conned yet? You should.

12. Republican “Christians” who voted for or somehow support this administration prove the point that their hypocrisy runs deep through any administration. Blocking refugees. “Not a Bible issue.” Who are these people?

13. It is okay for the president to weigh in on rulings by the judicial branch…and also okay to then attack the judge and the decision if it is against the wishes of the president.

14. The jobs numbers are magically real again! For 75 consecutive months of job growth the Republican response has been that the jobs numbers are not the real numbers and that unemployment is in fact much higher. Miraculously on the very first “Trump jobs report” the Republicans are touting President Obama’s continued record of job growth. Funny however that the usual Republican jobs experts out on the Internet were nowhere to be found. During his White House press briefing on Friday Sean Spicer said, “They may have been phony in the past, but it’s very real now.” Hahaha…you cannot make this up! Tears.

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus

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