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Leftneck Jesus

Why are the Republicans and the Tea Party always silent on true government oppression but yell and scream about oppression that has never occurred outside of their minds?  The Freddie Gray case would seem to be the worst fear of the Tea Party or Oath Keepers.  The police arrested a citizen without cause and then killed the citizen.  That is exactly what these far right types say they fear about President Obama, or Eric Holder, or Valerie Jarrett-hahaha, they are really afraid of Valerie Jarrett.

This lack of consistency in their selective outrage is exactly why so many of us completely discount their movement.  If they were truly against government oppression they would be standing right next to the other protesters in Baltimore, or North Charleston, or even Ferguson.

Rick McKee - The Augusta Chronicle

Instead of protesting true oppression they are out protesting Jade Helm 15, a military exercise that they fear might lead to government oppression.  I wonder if they can even appreciate the irony?  The funny part is that if the president were a Republican they would be celebrating this same exercise with parades and flag hats and patriotism.  But since it is President Obama then obviously the military they say they love and support is really preparing to take their guns and their Bibles.

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus


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