The New Opiate Of The Masses

It cracks me up that 40% of Americans support a tax cut that only 2% will receive.  The republicans have convinced Bubba that he should support tax breaks for the rich because he might be rich someday.  Guess what Bubba-you are not going to be rich-so please start voting your reality and not the republican dream.

To make sure Bubba is just confused enough-the republicans always point to small business owners.  Again, guess what Bubba-small business owners do not make $200,000 per year.  In fact, the only time a “small business” is making that amount of money is when it is a multinational corporation masquerading as small business for the tax breaks.

Just like Bubba I plan to be rich someday-I’m just not banking on the tax cut while I’m not.  And when I am…I will gladly pay whatever taxes I owe so that I can punk Bubba and tell him that I pay more in taxes than he makes!  That’s for you Tiny!

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus

One thought on “The New Opiate Of The Masses

  1. It just goes to show that republicans are a well oiled propaganda machine, made stronger by the destruction of the unions, the religious right, 9/11 and poor democratic leadership. Not to mention, it’s very easy to criticize the status quo e.g. social security, or to support cutting taxes. It’s also easy to use religion as a crutch. Brilliant game play by the GOP. Oh yea, I forgot it’s much easier with an ignorant populace, in debt and constantly fed propaganda from the lame stream media.

    I mean really Crizzle–who would want fair taxation, protection of a fair wage, jobs and affordable or free healthcare? Oh yea, and a safety net to protect the elderly from being homeless?

    Next year we’ll see the GOP do what the Dems could not and they will be cheered by the same people they are fucking. Brilliant.

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