Dancing With America

Mrs. Crizzle watches “Dancing With the Stars” and she is suddenly feeling the Palin effect.  She is not as political as your boy-so I will admit that it’s kind of nice to have her deal with the Palin freaks for once.  I do not watch the show, but from what I can gather, the Tea-necks have taken over the public voting segment.  Week after week Bristol Palin has the lowest scores, and week after week the Tea-necks vote for her and cut a more qualified dancer.  My bride blames the scoring system because it gives equal influence to the scores of the professional judges and the unprofessional voting public (de Tocqueville anybody?).  I see a more direct correlation at work.   

For me, it is the perfect analogy for Palin, the Tea-necks, and conservative America in general.  See, they know Bristol is not the best dancer, but they vote for her because of her “real-American” mom and her conservative values (you know-abstinence after pregnancy!).  They do not care that Sarah Palin is not even close to being qualified for my local school board-let alone the presidency.  They support her because she is one of them-you know, ignorant!  They criticize our president as being clueless while they praise the intellectually incurious Palin and her incoherent clichés. 

Since we know that they are not voting for her dancing skills we must consider the irony of conservatives endorsing an unemployed single mother.  Somehow it does not matter to these hypocrites that Bristol had a baby out of wedlock and is not even with the father…I’m sure it would if she were a black teenager or the teenage daughter of Nancy Pelosi.  Where is Dan Quayle with his condemnation?  Instead of disapproval, Bristol is touted as an abstinence only spokeswoman.  Again-abstinence looks good on you…not me.  It’s like Tommy Chong telling kids not to burn the herb…because he got busted-not because he believes it!  Just like all of the other conservative hypocrisy…their rules only apply to others (you know-liberals, democrats, etc…).

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus

One thought on “Dancing With America

  1. My Crizzle, once again your are clouding the issues with RELEVANT facts! John Dailey aired a portion of one of the commercials Bristol did on not boning. I thought it was a joke but in fact–it was a real commercial. The whole time I was thinking, “that’s the formerly knocked-up Palin kid.” You are correct, it’s not about Bristol or dancing–it’s about the ignorant, sad ass people that will vote for her if she runs on a Tea-Bag ticket in 2012. I can’t even stand to hear her speak. It’s like nails on a chalk board.

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