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Republican Christians and Trump

When I first started this blog it was fun because most, if not all, Republican Christians were still trying to hide behind some self-appointed moral high ground in politics and especially religion. After President Obama was elected it was a little harder for them to hide behind that high ground but they still tried. Remember the so-called Christians were some of the first to cast stones.

Questioned his faith. Questioned his marriage. Questioned his citizenship.

Franklin Graham had some trouble believing President Obama was a Christian. He had no trouble believing Newt Gingrich was a Christian. The guy who famously had two mistresses and three wives. Franklin Graham offered a prayer at the inauguration of Trump. He is a vocal supporter of Trump. He has no trouble believing Trump is a Christian.

Even when the Republican Christians gave President Obama the benefit of going to church it was with disdain because he attended the wrong church. Remember the faux conservative outrage over a certain church and a certain pastor? Of course there is no outrage over Trump’s spiritual advisor out on TV preaching the prosperity gospel. Whatever the fuck that is.

I have been thinking about all of this lately while watching the same Christians overwhelmingly support Trump. And it is not just the “he’s going to get us pro-life judges” crowd. BTW I hope those judges are worth having this unprepared amateur trying to play president on TV during a pandemic.

Republican Christians love Trump. They are like his super base. His approval rating with white born Evangelicals is 75%. 75%! The pussygrabber is their guy! The guy who cheats on his THIRD wife with a porn star. That is their guy. The liar. The cheater. Their. Guy.

Trump is the poster guy for the Seven Deadly Sins and yet he is their guy. If you made a person out of the sins it would be Trump’s Mini-Me. It is as if they do not even believe their own bullshit anymore.

Pride No one knows more about pride than Donald Trump. Believe me.

Envy So envious of President Obama. And Cuomo now. I love it.

Gluttony More Gold. More Big Macs. More Women. More More More…

Lust Unprotected sex with a porn star four months after his THIRD wife gave birth. “Grab them by the pussy.” -Donald J. Trump

Wrath Colleagues. Allies. Friends. Employees. Women. Reporters. Etc.

Greed Trump and greed are synonymous.

Sloth Avoidance of spiritual or physical work… introducing Mr. Donald J. Trump!

Republican Christians are no longer hiding their beliefs with their support of Trump. It is over. I have always known that their Christianity was like a WWE character they played for the slack jaws, but now it is out there for everyone to see. Never again can they question or judge any politician or any person for that matter.

Their Christianity is more about oppression and racism and money and politics than it is about religion. Their Jesus brags about being able to get away with murder and abusing women and paying off people for his sins. They should be ashamed but they’re not, because again, Trump is somehow their guy.

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus

Leftneck Jesus


I cannot help but notice all of the Republican hypocrisy during the first three weeks of the Trump administration. It is hilarious to watch Republicans act like they were a model opposition party for the last eight years instead of the ultra-obstructionist party we all remember. It is equally hilarious to watch Republicans abandon so many of the beliefs that they have been preaching for the last eight years. I have a feeling this is going to be a running list so here is the beginning..

1. Deficits no longer matter. Please forget what they have cried about for the last eight years..please refer to prior Republican administrations when they ran up huge deficits.

2. Executive orders are okay again…please disregard the “governing like a king” rhetoric when now referring to executive orders. Donald Trump signed 20 Executive Orders in his first 10 days in office. Republican response: crickets.

3. Super expensive designer clothes are now acceptable…I mean, what else would billionaires and their Stepford women wear?

4. Conflicts of interest no longer exist…because you know, billionaires and generals always do the right thing.

5. Friendship with hostile foreign leaders is now a positive not a negative…you cannot turn your back on those who help elect you.

6. Golf is now again okay for the president to play. He is golfing this weekend on his second vacation in his first three weeks in office.

7. The cost of the president to go on vacation, or to New York, or to Florida is no longer an issue. Apparently it is also not an issue to pay for his trust fund son to go on a business trip. Don’t they have their own mercenary goons?

8. The president deserves a chance to succeed…hahaha-because Republicans have no appreciation for irony or hypocrisy. Seriously, tears.

9. Hating the president is no longer patriotic…back to the good ol’ days where you better respect the president or get out of the country.

10. Supreme Court nominees should be treated fairly and given a straight up or down vote…no politics.

11. Goldman Sachs hedge fund bankers are not only back in good graces, but they have in fact been appointed to run our economy. Hey poor and middle class Republicans are you feeling conned yet? You should.

12. Republican “Christians” who voted for or somehow support this administration prove the point that their hypocrisy runs deep through any administration. Blocking refugees. “Not a Bible issue.” Who are these people?

13. It is okay for the president to weigh in on rulings by the judicial branch…and also okay to then attack the judge and the decision if it is against the wishes of the president.

14. The jobs numbers are magically real again! For 75 consecutive months of job growth the Republican response has been that the jobs numbers are not the real numbers and that unemployment is in fact much higher. Miraculously on the very first “Trump jobs report” the Republicans are touting President Obama’s continued record of job growth. Funny however that the usual Republican jobs experts out on the Internet were nowhere to be found. During his White House press briefing on Friday Sean Spicer said, “They may have been phony in the past, but it’s very real now.” Hahaha…you cannot make this up! Tears.

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus

Leftneck Jesus


Why are the Republicans and the Tea Party always silent on true government oppression but yell and scream about oppression that has never occurred outside of their minds?  The Freddie Gray case would seem to be the worst fear of the Tea Party or Oath Keepers.  The police arrested a citizen without cause and then killed the citizen.  That is exactly what these far right types say they fear about President Obama, or Eric Holder, or Valerie Jarrett-hahaha, they are really afraid of Valerie Jarrett.

This lack of consistency in their selective outrage is exactly why so many of us completely discount their movement.  If they were truly against government oppression they would be standing right next to the other protesters in Baltimore, or North Charleston, or even Ferguson.

Instead of protesting true oppression they are out protesting Jade Helm 15, a military exercise that they fear might lead to government oppression.  I wonder if they can even appreciate the irony?  The funny part is that if the president were a Republican they would be celebrating this same exercise with parades and flag hats and patriotism.  But since it is President Obama then obviously the military they say they love and support is really preparing to take their guns and their Bibles.

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus

Leftneck Jesus


I seem to keep having the same discussions with conservatives, so I decided to just write this as a response to the 5 most common arguments made by conservatives. Since most conservatives have become political scientists as of January 2009, it is very likely that you have also encountered the following conservative arguments. They usually occur on Politico, or CNN, or some other non-Fox News source where the conservative does not know how to process actual criticism of Republicans. They literally cannot handle the truth. In response, the conservative will bring up one of the following arguments.

1. KKK, Democrats, and Robert Byrd

Every time there is an article about the KKK, or racism and politics, or a mention of current Republicans and racism, a conservative cannot resist the urge to travel back in time. The argument goes something like this…the KKK was started by Democrats and Robert Byrd was in the KKK and was a Democrat. And therefore Democrats are the actual racists. Like most conservative arguments it has a little bit of truth surrounded by years of half-truths, innuendo, and outright lies. In this case, the conservative trick is to go back 65 years when the parties, platforms, and constituents were different. What they do not want to acknowledge is that Republicans were the party of big government, the party of Lincoln, and even the party of slaves. Some Republicans were even liberal. Then with the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 white Dixiecrats left the Democrats and joined the Republicans, making what we know as the Republican base today. PolitiFact addressed the validity of this argument: 

As for Robert Byrd staying a Democrat when others fled the party, it seems he was sorry and realized he was wrong, telling the Washington Post in 2005, “I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times . . . and I don’t mind apologizing over and over again. I can’t erase what happened.”

2. Conservative Republicans and Conservative Iranians

Conservatives are all over this current argument since Tehran Tom Cotton and his 47 saboteurs sent a letter to the Iranians. This argument, commonly found in the comment sections of any article on politics, comes down to a fundamental lack of understanding about liberals and conservatives. The argument goes something like this…since liberals support a peaceful resolution and deal with Iran, then liberals agree with (or sound like) our enemy. The only people against a deal with Iran are the conservatives…whether in Iran, or in the US, or in Israel. And the terrorists, or enemies the conservatives fear the most, are actually the most conservative. The terrorists are right wing conservatives who hate liberals…just like American conservatives. ISIS and Al Qaeda are both conservative right wing groups…they are not liberal. They do not sound like liberals and liberals definitely do not sound like them. They sound like conservatives…they sound like you.

3. The Real Jobs Numbers

It is funny how many conservative arguments are based on things that have always happened, but that they did not care about until January 2009. Presidential vacations and presidential golf are good examples of this argument, but the best example is the real jobs numbers. The argument goes something like this…whenever the jobs numbers are released with good numbers conservatives cannot wait to be the first or hundredth comment about how the jobs numbers are not, “the real jobs numbers.” If they are bad then obviously it is because of President Obama. Again, like a lot of conservative urban legends this has an ounce of truth and twenty pounds of bullshit. The little bit of truth is that the jobs numbers calculations are not completely accurate because they do not count people who have stopped looking for work. The load of bullshit is the fact that the numbers were calculated the same way when Bush and Republicans were losing 100,000+ jobs per month. Remember all of the conservative political scientists commenting on how the real jobs numbers were actually way worse than what the Bush administration was releasing? Yeah, me neither…

4. Ted Cruz For President

Only in America, and only in Republican politics, could you find such ironic justice as Ted Cruz for President. This argument is the classic case of brown American-born man is not eligible to be president, but Canadian-born Hispanic with a Cuban father is. Let me make this argument easy for you…if you think Canada Cruz can be president because his mom was a U.S. citizen…then it does not matter if President Obama was born in Mecca-he would, by the exact reasoning, also be eligible to be president because of his mom. This conservative argument basically admits that the entire Birther movement was about racism…eh!

5. But But But Soros

This conservative argument is a guaranteed response to any mention of the Koch Brothers and their purchasing of our government. Like a lot of conservative arguments this is the classic case of well it does not matter what any given Republican or conservative might be doing because surely a Democrat or a liberal has done something similar. The “I know you are but what am I?” argument goes something like this…it does not matter if the Koch Brothers own our government because, you know, George Soros gives money too. This is a common problem among conservative arguments where they cannot address the issue with a specific Republican because they always try to find an equivalent Democrat. It would not matter if Koch Industries started their own line of abortion clinics, the conservative response would immediately be, well, what about Soros and the Democrats. So in the year 2025 as we march as work slaves in the Koch States of America, in the distance, you will hear delusional Republicans still uttering but, but, but Soros…

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus

Leftneck Jesus

Obamacare…It’s Unconstitutional…It’s A Tax…It’s A Bird…It’s A Plane…

I love how easy it is for Republicans to transition from one attack to the next. Conservatives started their new attack as soon as they picked up their collective slack jaws from the shock of the Supreme Court decision. It’s a tax. Oh no, the t-word…which is way worse than any four letter word to Republicans. All of the sudden the constitutionality was a nonissue but a tax increase was all the rage.

Rush Limbaugh said, “And what we now have is the biggest tax increase in the history of the world.” The conservative Drudge Report headline screamed “SUPREME COURT RULES: OBAMACARE STANDS… Mandate survives AS A ‘TAX’…

Their hatred of President Obama seems to even make Republicans question their own identity. Senator Rand Paul the teaneck lover, quoter, and defender of the constitution says, “Just because a couple people on the Supreme Court declare something to be ‘constitutional’ does not make it so. The whole thing remains unconstitutional.”

Really? The even if you win by the agreed upon rules you still lose argument. Classic. You really have to love the Republican take on judicial activism and constitutionality in general. They basically think that any decision that does not match their predetermined political position is activism. They could care less about Stare decisis if the verdict matches their politics.

Mark Levin agrees with Senator Paul:

This is just the latest pivot in a long line of Republican follow up attacks. No one can forget the President Obama is a Muslim that transitioned to well if he is a Christian then he is a weird Christian-you know-an unreal Christian. So even if he is a Christian it does not matter because just listen to his pastor Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright. One must remember that Republican “Christians” have appointed themselves as the deciders on questions of who are real Christians and real Americans for that matter.

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus

Leftneck Jesus

Introducing Straw Man Republican Obama

I continue to hope that President Obama will someday become the liberal that the republicans portray. I mean, at most, he is a moderate Democrat, who has embraced a lot of historically republican positions. Instead of getting republican support, he became the straw man Republican Obama…you know, the radical Muslim, weird Christian, Socialist, always on vacation, deficit increaser. Republican Obama has nothing in common with President Obama, kind of like Republican Jesus and me.

Republican Obama Raised Taxes…The Center for American Progress actually says that President Obama has cut taxes more in his first term than former President George W. Bush. So far he has extended the Bush tax cuts and fought republicans for a payroll tax cut.

Republican Obama Rolled Back 2nd Amendment Rights…According to, “We’ve seen little or no evidence that the Obama administration is doing much to regulate guns or gun ownership.” And similar to tax cuts, President Obama has actually expanded the rights of gun owners by allowing loaded and concealed weapons in national parks.

Republican Obama Socialized Medicine…The republican way. Instead of pushing a single-payer system President Obama decided to go with the Heritage Foundation and republican idea of an individual insurance mandate. Ironically the republican mandate is the part of “Obamacare” under scrutiny by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Republican Obama Slashed the Defense Department…Politifact says that President Obama and republicans share responsibility because, “A reduction in the military budget was all but destined once the Budget Control Act passed and the supercommittee failed to prevent across-the-board cuts.”

Republican Obama Is Soft On The War On Terror…Like I have said before, if George W. Bush captured or killed Osama bin Laden, we would still be having mandatory, daily celebrations, and pledges of allegiance, to the great president. Not to mention Anwar al-Awlaki, Qaddafi, ending the Iraq War, etc…

Republican Obama Is Waging A War On Religion…This always means that someone is trying to use religion to exclude a person or group from something. The current fake war on religion is ultimately over something that most Catholic institutions already covered. 28 states already require contraceptive coverage and so do major Catholic universities like Georgetown and DePaul. New Hampshire had the law for like 12 years, but did not realize they were against it until Republican Obama was in the House.

Republican Obama Has Increased The (Suddenly Important) Debt More Than All Other Presidents…The New York Times points out that new policies under Bush were $5.07 Trillion and under Obama they were $1.44 Trillion. The debt ceiling needed raised because of republican policies from 2000-2008, not because of the first two years of the Obama administration.

Republican Obama Has Been On The Most Vacations As President…CBS News and even Mark Knoller disagree.

Republican Obama Is A Muslim…President Obama has professed Jesus as his personal Savior-which is all that is needed for everyone except Republican Obama.

Republican Obama Is A Weird Christian…You know, if you can get past the fact that he is a Muslim, then he is just a weird Christian. He is not a real Christian…he is not even a real American for Pete’s sake.

Republican Obama Is Not A Friend Of Israel…On NBC’s Meet The Press, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that President Obama was just as much a friend to Israel as George W. Bush. Republicans are like, “Yeah right, Netanyahu. Did you know that Republican Obama is a Muslim/weird Christian?”

Republican Obama Is The Welfare King…USA Today checked the facts (or lack thereof) in this Newt Gingrich claim and they said he was wrong. According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition service, George W. Bush is actually the Welfare King.

Since Republican Obama has not done anything atrocious in his first term, the crazies on the right have now turned their fear on a possible second term. Second Term Republican Obama is even more Muslimy and elitisty. He is gonna take your guns, gonna take your ammo, gonna join the Euro, gonna use executive power to grab a third and then fourth term, gonna turn the US into a constitutional monarchy, gonna take your wife and children, gonna, gonna, gonna…

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus

Leftneck Jesus

You Might Not Be A Republican If…

After watching the republican presidential debates, and now with the caucuses and primaries, I cannot help but wonder why anybody but rich white males would support the Republican Party. I have compiled a list of my favorite examples of this right-wing Stockholm Syndrome. You might not be a republican if…

You are Poor. Republicans love to use fear to scare poor republicans into voting for right-wing social issues, and against their own economic interests. In 2004 poor republicans in Ohia could not wait to vote against a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Their turnout allowed Bush to win Ohia and four more years of economic destruction. A lot of those poor republicans lost the jobs that they did have, but at least the gays could not marry.

You are Black. Like I have said before, racism is still part of the republican platform. The southern strategy, the code words, and the constant refrain of, “take the country back,” should nullify any conservative notions you have. If you have experienced racism in your life, it was most likely by a republican voter.

You are in a Union. It does not matter if you are a plumber, or a pipefitter, or a police officer, or a firefighter, you better recognize that republicans are coming after your cushy wages and benefits. I know you thought it was okay when they were just picking on the teachers union because they are liberals, and you think you are a republican. You are not.

You are a Female. I love when I hear a conservative female say that she wants to go back to the good old days. I always want to respond that she could start by going back to the kitchen and cooking her husband some food. Republicans support every disparity between men and women, from wages and health, to their place and roll in society and culture.

You are Young. I mean really? How are you going to be a republican if you are under like 30? You should be questioning authority and embracing diversity…two things that republicans hate the most. If you are a young conservative just imagine what kind of asshole you are going to be by the time you are an older conservative.

You are a Christian. I know you vote republican because you consider yourself prolife. The problem is that the republican definition of prolife seems to begin at conception and end at birth. During the debates we heard republican audiences cheer executions and the terrible history of the death penalty in Texas, and chastise a hypothetical 30-year-old dying without health insurance. Those audience members are the same Christians who supported the preemptive war in Iraq. If that is what you mean by a prolife Christian, I must be neither.

You are a Catholic. I think I should mention Catholics in specific because a lot of the republican fundamentalist base does not even think Catholics are Christians. And I’m not just talking about the hollers (hollows) in the south. I had some redneck in a graduate level lecture try to tell me Catholics were not real Christians. Also see above.

You are a Mormon. Not only see above, but in your case I would say that even the Catholics do not think you are real Christians. Christians might ask you the same question that Atheists ask Christians, “You really believe that crazy stuff?”

You are a Muslim. I’m not going to waste a lot of time here because I’m not sure how any Muslim could stomach the GOP. The republicans keep talking about a war on religion, but ironically they do not believe it is directed towards you. Although, as I have pointed out before, the right wing intolerant Muslim should be very comfortable with the right wing intolerant republican.

You are Jewish. Even the right-wing republican supporters of Israel are doing it for their own selfish reasons. CUNI (Christians United for Israel) see the rebirth of Israel as a prelude to the second coming of Christ. So they basically support Israel because the state of Israel is needed for their end of times plan. Somebody should probably tell them that I am already back…

You are Gay. I mean Log Cabin Republicans, really? Seriously, you might be the group with the biggest case of Stockholm Syndrome. What is it that attracts you to the right, their constant belittling of gays and lesbians or their war to prevent equal rights from your community? Either way, being republican is so not gay.

You are a Public School Teacher. Republicans hate secular public schools because they pay to send their children to private Christian schools. The attacks you see by republicans in Wisconsin and Ohia, and frankly wherever a republican governor can rush through similar legislation, are just the beginning. They think teachers should be employed by the church, and should be paid minimum wage. I would really like to hear a republican teacher in Wisconsin or Ohia justify the republican assault on their profession. Something like, “I do make too much money and my benefits are outrageous…”

You are an Intellectual. Republicans are against knowledge, science, and even reality itself. Just like with racism, if you associate with stupid people, then people will assume that you are stupid. I do.

You are an Environmentalist. In this case, I’m not just talking about tree huggers, but also people who like to fish, hunt, and enjoy the outdoors. Keep voting republican and you will not have a forest left to hunt or a lake that is not polluted beyond repair.

You are Hispanic. When republicans say illegals, they are talking about you. When they say immigration or immigrants, they are talking about you. When they say learn and speak English, they are talking about you. And when they talk about building a 10, or 20, or 30, or even a 50-foot wall to keep you out, they are most certainly talking about you.

You are Mitt Romney. I mean take a hint for the love of Pete. Republicans just do not like you. They have given every crackpot with an “R” behind their name a chance just because they were not you. At this very moment, conservatives are even trying to draft Jeb Bush to accept the nomination at the convention. Think about that for a second. Republicans would rather take their chances on another Bush than on you.

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus

Leftneck Jesus

Are The Democrats Six Of One And The Republicans A Half Dozen Of The Other?

I hear a lot of the Ron Paul fans talking about the fact that there is no real difference between the two major parties…although they support him and generally vote republican. They think he is a hero for voting no on spending bills, but they conveniently overlook the fact that he loads the bills with pork spending for his district. They believe that The Powers That Be control both parties, and that the only difference between democrats and republicans is the elitists on the left and racists on the right.

I think the differences are much greater than racists and elitists, but racism is one of the major reasons I could never support a republican. Of course, not all republicans are racists, but if somebody is racist, they probably vote republican. And if a candidate runs as an openly racist, David Duke-type, they probably are not running as a liberal democrat. So to cast your allegiance with that lot, in my opinion, is to sanction its validity.

I do not believe that republican racism is even debatable at this point. Richard Nixon used the Southern Strategy to exploit racism in the south, and changed the electoral map to the red states that we hate today. Conservatives love to point out that southern democrats were the most racist of the time, but they always forget to mention that those same racists left the party to become republicans because of the civil rights movement.

Newt Gingrich is speaking to this audience when he uses terms like, “food stamp president,” or says that blacks don’t understand the, “key to future wealth.” Reagan loved speaking to this audience about his mythical welfare queen and her government riches. Rick Santorum is comfortable with this audience because the last thing he wants to do is, “make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.” Santorum tried to clarify his remark by stating that he had actually said “blah” people not black people. I have a funny feeling that blah people is some conservative code aimed directly at the same audience.

The funny part, about this line of thought, is that I have historically heard the, “they’re all the same” argument from my liberal, hippie types. They never voted because, “it didn’t matter,” or they voted for Nader when it actually did matter. I like to blame them for allowing Dubya to get selected, two times!

I’m not saying I love every democrat just because they have a (D) by their name, it is really the liberal part of the caucus that I support. As a matter of fact, I cannot stand conservative democrats because they allowed Dubya to get whatever he wanted, and they have helped republicans to block anything President Obama has wanted.

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus

Leftneck Jesus

Clarence Thomas And Herman Cain: The Only Two Black Men To Have Ever Experienced Racism In America

Conservatives and republicans in general are “playing the race card” in the current Herman Cain scandal. Really, I’m writing about Herman Cain, Really? Now I must admit that I hate the phrase “playing the race card” because it is usually something said by a conservative in response to a legitimate concern by a minority. It is extremely appropriate in this case, however, because it is only the second time in known history that conservatives are concerned about racism towards a black man.

The first known case of racism in America was during the confirmation of embattled Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Anita Hill accused him of sexual harassment while he was her supervisor at the Department of Education and the EEOC. Thomas chalked it up to a “high-tech lynching for uppity blacks” and conservatives have used it ever since as a way of accusing liberals of racism.

The second and current black man to deal with racism in America is republican presidential nominee Herman Cain. Politico broke the story that at least two women accused him of sexual harassment when he was the head of the National Restaurant Association. He first denied any knowledge, then remembered some details, then changed some details, and then changed a few more.

As soon as the report was public, conservatives were calling it “racism” and a “high-tech lynching” by the liberal media. Here are some recent headlines from the right wing news website Drudge Report: Herman Cain: The Attacks On Me Are Racially Motivated… RUSH: ‘Unconscionable Racially Charged Attack’… Coulter: ‘They Are Terrified Of Strong, Conservative Black Men’… FLASHBACK: ‘I’M READY FOR HIGH-TECH LYNCHING’…

Which is a hilarious reaction considering their history and their usual take on serious racism, i.e. “playing the race card.” How about the racist Tea Party signs…race card, watermelon and chicken jokes about President Obama…race card, birth certificate…race card, lack of decorum (“you lie”) towards President Obama…race card, obsession with Michelle Obama’s clothes, diet, and hair…race card, race card, race card. But anything negative towards a black conservative is blatant racism? It’s like they see everything through this race card mentality and when they finally have a black conservative to defend they’re like it is on…race card, what!

One of the funniest parts of this story for me has been reading the right wing comments…you know of the racist liberals hating black conservatives for being black. I mean are they fucking dense?! We do hate conservative blacks, like Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain, because they have Stockholm Syndrome and are conservative republicans, not because they are black. As a matter of fact, I would go so far as to say that being black is the only thing they have going for them!

Peace be with you,

Leftneck Jesus


Occupy Ezekizzle

This is out of control!! HTF are the police picking who they want to grab??? IMO, if the National Guard are brought in–this shit is truly out of control and blood will spill. The police cannot contain this if this movement continues to grow. I’m having difficulty getting the big picture from online media and I don’t trust shit on TV.

YouTube is okay, but it’s only snapshots of what someone is filming at the moment. For example: What did the protestors do–if anything–to warrant getting snatched and cuffed? I watched a piece yesterday at the Citibank branch when they arrested 22 people for pulling out their money?? Seems hard to believe and without the context I’m cautious to pass judgement even though my gut tells me this is what modern fascism looks like. Scary stuff.

I want so bad to go a protest and wish I could. Too much risk at the moment and maybe in the future. That’s my reality. Wish it was different because I think this could be a defining moment in history. You know it’s real based on how the media is portraying the protestors and comparing this movement and making a mockery out peaceful demonstrations.


Ezekizzle 25:17


There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt. ~ John Adams